Fiysabiylillah President and Executive Board Member travel to Tanzania

President, Fozia Hooseinny and Executive Board Member and USA Director, Nafeeza Nabibaksh just returned from Tanzania, Africa.  They visited many poverty-stricken communities that need our help, and gained an understanding of some of the challenges and needs in Tanzania, along with making some key contacts in the country.  While there, they also visited past water project locations in which they reported clean water was flowing through your generous donations.

“It was a very rewarding sight to see these children benefiting from our work and gives us renewed energy to do more for those in need, InshaAllah”.

Orphanage for the Disabled

Fiysabiylillah Well completed in Kilwa Masoka

Fozia and Nafeeza meeting with Zanzibar Director of Communications

Nafeeza distributing candy at village gathering

Fozia with villagers in Matemwe, Tanzania





The purpose of their visit was to:

  • Visit and assess the completed Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization (FCAO) projects in the three villages of Kilwa, Sugota, and Kidete.
  • To meet Zanzibar contact in which the 20ft container of used clothing shipped in October would be responsible for receiving and distribution of contents. In addition, visiting a few of the recipients.
  • To assess the future needs and challenges within Tanzania, and determine FCAO’s commitments moving forward in this country.
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