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2021 Ramadan Projects

Message from USA Director, Nafeeza Hooseinny-Nabibaksh

Another year has passed and Covid-19 is still with us. Alhamdulillah, we have overcome many obstacles and challenges and will continue to do so with patience and trust in Allah (SWT).  
As we approach the blessed month of Ramadan we are fortunate to have another opportunity to partake in such a beautiful month of prayer, fasting, and good deeds for the pleasure of Allah.

Welcome Ramadhan! Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan Mubarak!

Please see the Fiysabiylillah 2021 projects to find out how you can help the less fortunate during this holy month. 



2020 Projects

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This Ramadan Fiysabiylillah is providing the opportunity to provide Iftar to two villages in Zanzibar. We visited Bungi village in October 2019 and know the population to be very much in need and would appreciate your donations greatly. This is a great opportunity for those unable to fast to meet their Fidya (compensation for not fasting for those who are unable to fast due to difficulty, elderly, terminally ill, pregnant, breastfeeding etc.) requirements.





2018 Update 

  • 2018 Qurbani in Tanzania

2017 Update

About Us

Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization was founded in 2002 in Ontario, Canada by Fozia Hooseinny. In 2009, it was approved as a Canadian Registered Charity. Fiysabiylillah is structured as a women’s organization with volunteers ranging in age, ethnicity, and gender.

In 2015, Fiysabiylillah decided to expand to America; initiated by Nafeeza Hooseinny-Nabibaksh who is a long-standing board member of Fiysabiylillah. Nafeeza and the Fiysabiylillah USA local committee are in the process of gaining charitable status in the United States.

Fiysabiylillah USA is not affiliated with any one masjid, but encourages partnerships with many Islamic organizations to achieve its goals.

Current Fiysabiylillah USA Executive Committee:

Director, Nafeeza Hooseinny-Nabibaksh (South Florida), tel: 352-874-2336
Board Member, Dr. Widaad Zaman (Orlando)
Board Member, Fadeelah Hemmali (Apopka)

2016 Update – A Year in Reflection – Article taken from Fiysabiylillah Magazine 2017


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