Syrian Orphan Sponsorship


  • $30/ month or $360/year for each orphan or widow

  • until the child reaches 16 yrs, or the widow until one of her sponsored children has a job 

  • Payment will be for a specific child or widow and a profile of that child /widow will be e-mailed to you.

  • Profile will be updated each year after our annual visit to Jordan

  • You will receive a tax deductible receipt for each year of sponsorship from Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization

“The person who makes an effort to fulfill the needs of a widow or a poor person, will be rewarded like one who strives in Allah’s cause or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all the night.”               -Hadith Bukhari


Fiysabiylillah President in Jordan

Article written by Azeez Hooseinny, FCAO Reporter 

Fozia,the President of Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization (FCAO) and I visited Jordan in mid-May to meet the partners in Jordan who will be managing the Syrian Widows and Orphans Sponsorship Program and also to meet some of the widows and orphans and initiate this 2015 international aid initiative. We first met with our partners, the Hemma Volunteer Group which is led by Dr. Wessam, a Syrian who lectures at the University level in Leadership skills. The group is made up of Syrian young brothers and sisters who are dedicated to assisting their displaced people. We were very pleased with their presentation and the fact that no one was paid for their services in the group. It was truly a volunteer group. All the members instead of being paid, paid into the group so as to pay the rent of their office space. This is quite similar to the structure of the Fiysabiylillah organization.

Fozia outlined the FCAO process for helping the widows and orphans and for transferring the funds to the group and the level of accountability and control that was required.  The process was agreed after discussions and clarifications. We then agreed on a schedule for our stay in Amman Jordan which was primarily to meet the widows and orphans and make the first disbursement to each family and to set up the system of verification and accountability.  The next days were hectic with working days of 10 to 12 hours. We visited 49 widows and orphans who are spread out in various locations in and around Amman. After meeting and obtaining information of their situation we gave the mothers the funds for two months with the promise that before Ramadan they will get an additional four months of assistance. They were all very humble, dignified and exceedingly appreciative and thankful. The children were given gifts and candies that were donated from families in Canada. This brought smiles from their innocent faces.

I was very pleased with our visit and wish we can offer more to assist these very unfortunate, helpless widows and orphans to transition to a better and fuller family life. Our help is just a start and will, InshaAllah, bring some relief and happiness to their situation. We were able with the help of the sister in Canada who is co-ordinating this program for FCAO to get significant help from families in Jordan who are now working with the Hemma group to administer the project. One family will ensure the proper disbursement of funds and will assist in delivering the assistance to some families and another has agreed to provide office space to the group free of charge so that the volunteers do not have to fund this. I feel that our visit created a momentum for others in Jordan to come forward and help.

Like all trips volunteers have made to help people abroad, the Fiysabiylillah organization does not pay for any cost associated with project visits. We are happy to pay for this from our personal funds. This has encouraged others, especially the people in the other countries to come forward and volunteer some of their time and resources to assist people in their countries. May Allah SWT continue to help us to help others, InshaAllah.


Hemma Group Volunteers and founder, Dr Wesam (4th from right) and Azeez and Fozia Hooseinny of FCAO


Azeez, Fozia, and Sr. Aida (hemma Group Volunteer) with Syrian Orphans

FCAO President with widow and orphans

Widow and Orphan

A widow with two children. Her eldest (child in blue) suffers from trauma and cries for her dad who she saw die from his war injuries. She was very close to her father and misses him dearly.

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