Wells for Wellbeing

‘Wells for Wellbeing’ is a Johnston Heights Secondary School Initiative led by student Abdulmuhsin Baksh

At Johnston Heights Secondary School we strive to be compassionate, global citizens. We believe it is our responsibility to help improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves in any way we can. Diseases caused by lack of clean water is the cause of over 3.4 million deaths annually. Donating to Wells for Wellbeing will provide Rohingya Refugees living in the Bangladesh’s Cox Bazaar with access to a clean, sustainable source of water.  

Where? Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh Cox Bazaar District
Why?  Clean water is scarce in most locations, and surface water is contaminated and a source of disease.

Solution: Installation of a Deep tube Well to provide clean drinking water to 2,500+ refugees.  Cost: $5,000 Cdn

Abdulmuhsin Afraz Baksh was born on April 10, 2004, and is currently attending Johnston Heights Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia. He is 15 years old. His father, an imam (an Islamic religious leader), works as a chaplain at a correctional institution when he is not volunteering his time at the local mosques. His dedication to selflessly improving the lives of those in the Muslim community inspired Abdulmuhsin to want to make a difference, as his father does every day. During his grade 10 personal project he became more aware of the lack of clean and sanitary water that affects impoverished communities all over the world. Seeing this as his way to make a difference, he decided that the best way he could help people would be to get his school involved by starting up a fundraising project. This project, ‘Wells for Wellbeing’ would help to alleviate the suffering of those living in impoverished communities, who lack clean and sanitary water.

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