Learn to Sew – Level 1


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Cost of Level 1:  $125 include –  Six Lessons – 2 hours per lesson – 2 lessons per week – 4 students per class. Saturday classes – 1 lesson per week
Equipment and supplies included in cost of course
Fabric for pillowcase, hijab, prayer suit and scarf to be provided by student
Lesson 1
Theory – ½ hour
Learning about the Sewing Machine and care and maintenance of it.
Practical – 1 ½ hours
Learn how to thread the machine.
Learn to sew on the machine – straight stitch and over edging
Learn how to hem by hand.
Lesson 2
Theory – ½ hour
Measuring, basting , pinning and cutting fabric
Practical – 1 ½ hours
Using a tape measure.
Learn how to back stitch by hand.
Cut and sew a scarf.
Lesson 3
Theory – ½ hour
Types and uses of various fabrics
Practical – 1 ½ hours
Cut and sew a pillow case
Lesson 4
Theory – ½ hour
Common problems of the sewing machine
Practical – 1 ½ hours
Measuring , cutting, basting and sewing a hijab.
Lesson 5
Theory – ½ hour
Types of fabric closures
Practical – 1 ½ hours
Sewing hooks and eyes, press studs by hand
Measuring, cutting, basting and sewing prayer suit.
Lesson 6
Theory – ½ hour
Buttons and Button holes
Practical – 1 ½ hours
Sewing buttons and button holes by hand
Completion of prayer suit.
Student’s achievement: Level 1 Sewing Diploma

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