Village water project -Sheik District, Somalia


In a country where former dictatorship regimes destroyed basic communal facilities, water scarcity and illiteracy continue to be major problems in rural communities.

This project will include an underground reservoir to alleviate water scarcity in this area, a community building to be used for the purposes of education and prayer, annexed with sanitation units. This project is intended to be completed for two rural villages in the Sheikh District of Somalia, Insha Allah.

•Target Group:
–Vulnerable rural Pastoral communities and in particular women and children.
–Projected targeted Villages: Qudhac-kudle, and Bali-sheik.

•Community Contribution:
–Local community will contribute land and water for construction, and provide security for materials during/after completion.

•Project Implementation:
–4months to build once funding available.
–Initiated by discussion with Aisha Mohamed (Cdn Rep), data collection, site visit, and a series of discussions with local communities in the Odweine districts including villagers in the projected targeted areas.

•Project Break-down:
Phase1 – Community mobilization and preparation.
Phase2 – Establishment of WH (Water/Hygiene)  Group and procurement.
Phase3 – Physical implementation of Activities
Phase4 – Supervision and progress reports

Total estimated cost: $50,000
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