Ramadan Food Hampers – $100

100 Food Hampers distributed in Lahore, Pakistan

200 Food Hampers distributed in the Berbice region of Guyana

These food hampers contain staple items such as rice, flour, sugar, oil and dates. They provide low-income families with food to start and break their fasts with during the month of Ramadhan, as well as to celebrate with on Eid.

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Sanitary Pad Kits – $10/each

Young women in Tanzania receiving reusable sanitary pad kits from Fiysabiylillah CAO! These kits were given to them during a trip to Tanzania taken by a Fiysabiylillah delegation in Fall 2019. Our organization just shipped 1000 of these kits to Tanzania! The cost per kit is $10 CAD. Each kit contains a shield with snaps to attach to the undergarment, a pair of underwear, pads that fold and fit into the shield, and a hijab.

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2021 Ramadan Projects

Please click on Our Projects to get more info and updates on individual projects and don’t forget to DONATE today.

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Water Well for Rohingya Refugees Completed

We started this journey of providing water to Rohingya Refugees a year ago with a Johnston Heights Secondary School student’s vision and the help of God.  Alhamdulillah the Deep Tube well in Bangladesh to serve the Rohingya refugees is reported complete and fully functional.
Unfortunately, it took a little longer than expected.  The delay in completion was due to the unpredictable COVID restrictions and permitting required for work in the refugee camp.  But with patience there is great reward.
May Allah bless those who coordinated and donated towards this project, and may He keep the water well a source of water for many years to come.  

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Pakistan Blanket Project

Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization’s Pakistan Blanket Project is now complete! This initiative was a distribution of 250 winter blankets to villagers in remote regions of Tharparkar, Pakistan. This project was funded in part by donations from Fiysabiylillah Coin Banks in 2020!

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