Fiysabiylillah President and Executive Board Member travel to Tanzania

President, Fozia Hooseinny and Executive Board Member and USA Director, Nafeeza Nabibaksh just returned from Tanzania, Africa.  They visited many poverty-stricken communities that need our help, and gained an understanding of some of the challenges and needs in Tanzania, along with making some key contacts in the country.  While there, they also visited past water project locations in which they reported clean water was flowing through your generous donations.

“It was a very rewarding sight to see these children benefiting from our work and gives us renewed energy to do more for those in need, InshaAllah”.

Orphanage for the Disabled

Fiysabiylillah Well completed in Kilwa Masoka

Fozia and Nafeeza meeting with Zanzibar Director of Communications

Nafeeza distributing candy at village gathering

Fozia with villagers in Matemwe, Tanzania

 The purpose of their visit was to:

  • Visit and assess the completed Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization (FCAO) projects in the three villages of Kilwa, Sugota, and Kidete.
  • To meet Zanzibar contact in which the 20ft container of used clothing shipped in October would be responsible for receiving and distribution of contents. In addition, visiting a few of the recipients.
  • To assess the future needs and challenges within Tanzania, and determine FCAO’s commitments moving forward in this country.
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FINALBrochure 2019Projects

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Ramadan 1440

“The month of Ramadan is the month when the Quran was sent down as guidance for mankind with clear proofs of guidance and the criterion by which to distinguish right from wrong.  Therefore, whoever of you is present in that month, let him fast; but he who is ill or on a journey shall fast a similar number of days later on.  Allah desires ease for you, not hardship,  He desires you to fast the whole month, so that you may glorify Him for His having guided you and so that you may be grateful to Him.” 

The Holy Quran – Surah 2, Verse 185


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July 31st is last date for dropoff

Drop off your clothes to:
3404, Covent crescent Mississauga L5M 7P1
Cell# 647 303 2786 home# 647 558 5406 Please call before drop off.

  • Clothes should be fully washed or dry cleaned, ironed or folded properly – like you are giving someone a gift.
  • Also accepted are Purses, shoes, jewelry, prayer-mats.
  • We also accept used *prescription Eye-glasses and sunglasses for deserving patients.* Please put them in small boxes and *label them separately*.
  • No electronics and no glassware please.*
  • For women please donate *shalwar-kameez* only.
  • We will *NOT* accept any donations in Black garbage bags.
  • All clothes should be in *transparent bags with a clear visible label* inside.
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Leading by example

In the summer of 2017, Victor Lal created an organization called Canadians for Syria to enable him and his community to raise money for and sponsor Syrian refugees. In order to do this, Victor came up with the idea of biking from Toronto, Ontario to Newfoundland. He successfully raised almost $15,000, with help from Fiysabiylillah and the Islamic Foundation of Toronto to reach $30,000, for a Syrian refugee family who will hopefully be coming to Canada in the summer of 2018.

After biking halfway across the country, Victor has now set himself a new goal: swimming across Lake Ontario to raise $60,000 for more Syrian refugees. If you would like to help this cause, please visit


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Fiysabiylillah’s SADAQAH Awareness Month

Every month Fiysabiylillah has a theme and this month of January-Febraury was Sadaqah.  Volunteers gave out Fiysabiylillah coin banks and the above informational flyer encouraging all ages to give regularly.

Next Month is Allah’s Love in February coinciding with Valentine’s Day.  Followed by Used Eye Glass Collection in April/May.

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Used Eyewear needed

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Love One Another

“Love One Another ” written by Fatima Alala

“Love for others what you love for yourself”, this was the message that seven year old Hanan got from the Hadith that her Madrasah teacher read to her. At public school , she was being surrounded by all the talk and valentine trinkets that her friends were getting excited about. Hanan was a bit confused and went to her Mom Fatima and asked her about the love of Allah and the Valentine love that her friends were all excited about.

Fatima explained to Hanan that Allah’s love is always present and never fails and this love on Valentine’s Day is only for one Day and is not available for the
next 364 days of the year. Allah is always caring, loving, kind, merciful, compassionate and most of all Forgiving. Hanan was so impressed by the Allah’s love that she wanted to tell everyone so Fatima came up with the idea that she and her daughter would get some friends and go down to Union Station in downtown Toronto on Valentine’s Day and tell people about Allah’s love for them…….

click here to continue reading about Fatima and Hanan’s adventure.


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Rohingya Project Update

Report from Afraa Alam (Fiysabiylillah Volunteer)
March 18, 2018

Since October of 2017 Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization and বিদ্যানন্দ – Bidyanondo have worked together to provide the Rohingya Refugees with an abundant of clothes, blankets, winter coats,food and more. Volunteers from Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization spent months packing boxes, distributing flyers, campaigning, packing the 40 ft container, and more. After months at sea it finally arrived to Bidyanondo and they were thrilled to have it. 
To read the complete article please click here -Rohingya Project


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JazakAllah for your support

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