Support a Syrian Orphan today

HER STORY – Lina’s husband was imprisoned and later died in Syria. She then fled from Syria with her three children to Jordan and arrived at the Zatari Camp on April 3, 2014. Due to the unsafe and insecure situation that existed at the Zatari camp for young widows. Lina escaped with her children to Amman, Jordan where she rents an apartment for $240/month.

2018 and 2019 it was very difficult to find sponsors to fund the Syrian widows and orphans as the Rohingya crisis had emerged. Families are finding it very difficult as the international agencies that offer monetary help have also withdrawn or drastically reduced their financial assistance to these families. Fiysabiylillah was fortunate to have a dedicated volunteer network that communicated with each family to find out how they were managing and what were some of the new challenges that they were facing this year. Lina is not doing well and Mohammed her eldest child is sick and does not attend school anymore. Her two other children are attending school, Alhamdulillah. Lina finds it very challenging to manage on her own. The little assistance that families like Lina and her children receive from Fiysabiylillah allow them to pay for the necessities of life, and they truly appreciate the help that they receive.

Please help support orphans and widows like Lina’s family today!

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Over 3,000 Food Hampers delivered in the first week of Ramadan

Please continue to DONATE

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Provide Basic Food to the Poor this Ramadan

Please specify which country you would like food hampers to be purchased in when you donate.

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2020 Projects

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Provide IFTAR Meal for 300 Poor Villagers – CLOSED!!

This Ramadan Fiysabiylillah is providing the opportunity to provide Iftar to two villages in Zanzibar. We visited Bungi village in October 2019 and know the population to be very much in need and would appreciate your donations greatly. This is a great opportunity for those unable to fast to meet their Fidya (compensation for not fasting for those who are unable to fast due to difficulty, elderly, terminally ill, pregnant, breastfeeding etc.) requirements.

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Social Distancing, but still busy helping those in need

Fiysabiylillah volunteers put their sewing skills to use by sewing one-hundred much needed face masks for nurses and doctors at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto over the last week. Committed to sewing 100 per week, today the first batch was delivered. Fiysabiylillah is dedicated to helping those in need locally and abroad, we appreciate healthcare workers all around the world who are on the frontlines battling COVID-19. May Allah (SWT) protect you and reward you generously. Ameen.

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20 FT Container of Used Clothing has Arrived in Zanzibar

The 20ft container of gently used clothing arrived January 3rd 2020 in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  Alhamdulillah, the Zanzibar government -Diaspora office with the help of Lucky One Company helped clear the container without any problems.   

“I’m really very, very happy the container has arrived.  Personally like to thank you for sending us the valuable things that are in good good condition.  I promise you they will be distributed to the needy communities and orphans.”   

Mama Firdaus – Zanzibar Fiysabiylillah contact


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Wells for Wellbeing

Wells for Wellbeing is a Johnston Heights Secondary School initiative led by fifteen year old student Abdulmuhsin Baksh.  They are partnering with Fiysabiylillah C.A.O to  provide a source of clean drinking water to over 2,000 Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh…..Read More


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Fiysabiylillah President and Executive Board Member travel to Tanzania

President, Fozia Hooseinny and Executive Board Member and USA Director, Nafeeza Nabibaksh just returned from Tanzania, Africa.  They visited many poverty-stricken communities that need our help, and gained an understanding of some of the challenges and needs in Tanzania, along with making some key contacts in the country.  While there, they also visited past water project locations in which they reported clean water was flowing through your generous donations.

“It was a very rewarding sight to see these children benefiting from our work and gives us renewed energy to do more for those in need, InshaAllah”.

Orphanage for the Disabled

Fiysabiylillah Well completed in Kilwa Masoka

Fozia and Nafeeza meeting with Zanzibar Director of Communications

Nafeeza distributing candy at village gathering

Fozia with villagers in Matemwe, Tanzania





The purpose of their visit was to:

  • Visit and assess the completed Fiysabiylillah Compassionate Aid Organization (FCAO) projects in the three villages of Kilwa, Sugota, and Kidete.
  • To meet Zanzibar contact in which the 20ft container of used clothing shipped in October would be responsible for receiving and distribution of contents. In addition, visiting a few of the recipients.
  • To assess the future needs and challenges within Tanzania, and determine FCAO’s commitments moving forward in this country.
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July 31st is last date for dropoff

Drop off your clothes to:
3404, Covent crescent Mississauga L5M 7P1
Cell# 647 303 2786 home# 647 558 5406 Please call before drop off.

  • Clothes should be fully washed or dry cleaned, ironed or folded properly – like you are giving someone a gift.
  • Also accepted are Purses, shoes, jewelry, prayer-mats.
  • We also accept used *prescription Eye-glasses and sunglasses for deserving patients.* Please put them in small boxes and *label them separately*.
  • No electronics and no glassware please.*
  • For women please donate *shalwar-kameez* only.
  • We will *NOT* accept any donations in Black garbage bags.
  • All clothes should be in *transparent bags with a clear visible label* inside.
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